If you own a property here in Spain, even if you are not a permanent resident - we highly recommend you to have a Spanish will in place.  It will be a time consuming and extremely expensive exercise to have your foreign will recognised in Spain.   In order for your heirs to inherit your assets in Spain and have it transferred into their names, it will be far easier if there is a Spanish will in place.  

When a foreigner with assets in Spain dies intestate (no will), Spanish law will be applied to their assets.  By making a Spanish will you will get to select your heirs for you Spanish assets.  This will is then held by the notary and lodged at the Ministry of Justice.  


 FP Translations will meet with you to go through all of the details that you require in your will, translate at the notary for you and provide you with a copy of the will in English and Spanish and all for only €150 per couple. 

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